Your financial accounting for your company – straight from the Shore POS App

Benefit from the cloud-based software Sage Business Cloud Accounting from our technology partner straight from your own Internet browser with the transactions from the Shore POS App. It’s quick and easy. Take more time for your customers and your bookkeeping will take care of itself.

  • Create quotes & invoices
  • Retrieve income statement, balance sheet, cash flow and other reports
  • Submit preliminary VAT return to the tax authorities
  • Helpful Datev export
  • Monitoring of overdue invoices

Connecting Shore POS with Sage – 3 simple steps

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Sage Accounting Asset #1

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Sage Accounting Asset #2

Have your Sage and Shore POS access data ready and go to
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Sage Accounting Asset #3

Now enter your tax-relevant data and click on save at the end of your settings.

Shore POS and Sage – Two strong partners at your side

You as a retailer are very important to us:

Local retail trade is a lively economic and social component of our cities which provides access to high-quality special products and individual customer service. Take advantage of these benefits as a retail trader!

The retail sector is under strong pressure as a result of digitalization. It is therefore our goal to simplify all operational processes for these owner-managed companies so that there is more time for customers and new sales channels. Where previously one hour of bookkeeping was necessary after closing time, now you can better use this time for product line optimization or for orders from the online shop with our integrated Sage solution.

Accounting ledger and ledger management easily explained

The accounting ledger contains all accounting transactions. All posted business transactions are recorded chronologically. The classification is based on business years. In your accounting software, all documents such as incoming and outgoing invoices, cash receipts and account statements are classified. The so-called account book is the book from which all transactions can be obtained. The cash ledger records every cash transaction. It is the general ledger and is created from the cash on hand or how much it changes compared to the previous day. The accounts ledger, where the individual accounts receivable and payable to customers and suppliers are listed, is also useful for your overall accounting. While the account book shows the chronological course of the transactions, the general ledger with the G/L accounts provides their content structure. Account book and account sheets of G/L accounts in the general ledger are the two main pillars of accounting.

Accounting entry in the accounting ledger

First and foremost, the fiscal year is started in the accounting ledger. The current movements in the account book then start at this point. Chronological transactions then correspond to the principles of double-entry bookkeeping. This record keeping is automated in the software. This means that all outgoing invoices are invoiced in the invoice program and from there recorded in the relevant accounts – which is important for your entire accounting system.

Annual financial statements for your company

The end of the financial year is approaching. All closing entries in the balance sheet accounts must now be prepared and processed. First, the balances of all accounts are determined and posted. The account balances have already been recorded in a closing balance in the accounting ledger. This provides an overview of the economic situation at the end of the fiscal year in a closing account. This account is not a balance sheet account, but an auxiliary account. It’s for overview purposes only. For example, if the value of an account has not changed during the year, there are no entries in the account book for that account. Then the closing balance corresponds to the opening balance in the fiscal year. Once completed, it is no longer possible to post within the closed year and in the corresponding account book.

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